Nsolid-state fermentation bioreactors fundamentals of design and operation pdf

Fermsostat is a developed laboratory scale solid state fermenter. Abstract background the growth of aspergillus awamori and aspergillus oryzae in a selfdesigned, multistacked circular tray solidstate bioreactor ssb, operating in solidstate fermentation. In a broader definition, ssf can include processes with a liquid phase at maximal substrate concentrations or on inert carriers 1. Solidstate fermentation bioreactors fundamentals of design and. This concise professional reference provides a fundamental framework for the design and operation of solidstate fermentation bioreactors, enabling researchers currently working at laboratory scale to scale up their processes. Solid state fermentation ssf has been practiced for centuries in. Solidstate fermentation ssf has advantages, such as lower water use and higher volumetric productivity, over those of submerged fermentation. Development of fundamental aspects of ssf, bioprocess and products. Pdf solidstate fermentation bioreactor fundamentals. Solidstate fermentation bioreactors fundamentals of. In recent years, substantial credibility in employing solidstate fermentation ssf technique has been witnessed owing to its numerous advantages over submerged fermentation smf. Although batch operation is the most common type of operation in ssf processes to date, it is also possible to design and operate continuous ssf bioreactors. Since my move to brazil, i have received funding from several state and federal granting bodies.

Although solidstate fermentation ssf has been practiced for many centuries in the preparation of traditional fermented foods, its application to newer products within the framework of modern biotechnology is relatively restricted. Efficiency of developed solid state bioreactor ukm. Solidstate fermentation bioreactors and fundamentals. Ssf bioreactor design should carefully consider design and operating variables, especially aeration transfer, temperature control including. Bioreactors in solid state fermentation technology. Solidstate fermentation ssf is defined as a fermentation process during which microorganisms grow on the surface andor interior of a solid matrix without a freeflowing aqueous phase. As a result, ssf technology has drawn increasing attention in the past few decades. These include 1 the araucaria foundation fundacao araucaria, a research agency of the state of parana. It was c sidered for the production of enzymes in the early. The previous chapters have presented solidstate fermentation ssf bioreactors that operate in batch mode. Design aspects of solid state fermentation as applied to.

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