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Geology and mineral resources of nigeria nuhu george obaje. Experimental characterization of physicochemical and. Geochemical evaluation of the hydrocarbon prospects of sedimentary basins in northern nigeria. The three sedimentary basins in nigeria are underlain by continental crust except in.

Nigerias nationwide highresolution airborne geophysical surveys. Anambra basin is one of the energyrich inland sedimentary basins in nigeria 153 it is a nearly triangular shaped embayment covering about 3000 km 2 with a total sedimentary thickness of approximately 9 km 2. Intracratonic basins form within stable continental interiors. Robertson basins and plays tellus sedimentary basins of. The three sedimentary basins in nigeria are underlain by continental crust except in the niger delta, where the basement rock is interpreted to be oceanic crust. However, due to transit disruptions in some geographies, deliveries may be delayed. The sedimentary basins of prime hydrogeological significance in nigeria are discernible from the geological map. The recent years also saws the exploration on the frontier basins, especially in the eastern indonesia. A good example is the western canada sedimentary basin extending from the eastern side of the rocky mountains to central manitoba. But implicit in the concept of a sedimentary basin is the existence of prolonged crustal subsidence, to make a place for a thick deposit of sediment that might well have been deposited in an area without basinal geometry at the surface. The present study examines the stratigraphic succession of benin and western nigeria offshore basins and attempts to compare these stratigraphic nomenclatures. The sedimentary basins of india, onland and offshore up to the 200m isobath, have an areal extent of about 1. Most of the sedimentary basin in the western indonesia are already explored since the end of 19th century.

Geol201 sedimentary basins vancouver island university. The boundary for this basin is derived primar ily from the basin outline shown on frezon and finn 1988. The iullemeden basin, also known as the sokoto basin spans mali, western niger, northwest nigeria and northern benin and began accumulating sediments in the jurassic, followed by the maastrichtian rima group, which records a brackish environment. The espanola basin is a medium rift basin that is part of the rio grande rift system. An older and a younger group of sedimentary basins can be distinguished in west africa, and the. It is a preliminary stage process aiming to give additional information for the beginning of a stratigraphic harmonization project concerning sedimentary basins of the. The heat production was computed from gamma ray logs for three oil producing wells. It is frequently regarded as the northwestern extension of the anambra basin to the southeast, both of which major depocentres were during the. In some of the sedimentary basins, particularly chad basin.

The geology of indonesiasedimentary basins wikibooks, open. The three sedimentary basins in nigeria are underlain by continental crust. Palynofacies studies of sedimentary succession in ogbabu1. Palynofacies studies of sedimentary succession in ogbabu1 well was carried out on ninety 90 ditch cutting samples retrieved from ogbabu1 well in anambra basin, lower benue trough, nigeria with the aim of giving a detailed palynofacies study of the ogbabu1 well, anambra basin using sedimentology and palynology as geologic tools.

Sedimentary basins are regions of earth of longterm subsidence creating accommodation. Nigeria is underlain by seven major sedimenta ry basins, viz. Approximately onetenth of the chad basin is situated in nigeria. Following on from the first 2 books in the series, sedimentary basins of the world, which covered chinese sedimentary basins volume 1 and south pacific sedimentary basins volume 2, comes volume 3, on african basins. Sedimentological attributes and stratigraphic of nanka formation, anambra basin, nigeria acra 2e. Sedimentary basins the cretaceous to recent basins in nigeria include. An overview of the geology and hydrogeology of nigeria. Examples of a smaller intracratonic basins are the proterozoic athabasca basin in saskatchewan and the mesozoic bowser basin in northwestern bc.

It is a shallow, linear depression with sedimentary fill of about 3,000 m thick udensi and osazuwa, 2004. Pdf by using drilling data and geophysical wireline logs of. The lower benue trough like other sedimentary basins in nigeria is found to be endowed with mineral resources. Tectonics is needed to make sedimentary basins, but the record of the basin itself is sedimentary. Many such basins contain extensive multilayered aquifer systems consisting of permeable sediments laid down at various times in the past. The three major rock types igneous, meta morphic and sedimentary abound in nigeria. However, in some parts of the basins, intrasedimentary sources including shallow volcanics interfere. Sedimentary basins and petroleum geology of the middle east covid19 update. Intracontinental basins are relatively broad and shallow with a thin. Basement geology in the sedimentary basins of nigeria geology. Nkporo shale of late campanian age is the basal facies of the late cretaceous sedimentary cycle in the anambra basin. Pdf distribution of sedimentary formations in the bornu. What links here related changes upload file special pages permanent link page. In nigeria, the dominant type of basement rock intersected by wells drilled for hydrocarbons, limestone, or water is granite.

The basin according to nyong 1995 is bounded the southern rim of oban massif in the north, calabar hinge line separates the basin from niger delta basin in the south,ikpe platform and cameroon volcanic trend in the west and east. Nigeria can broadly be subdivided into three major geological components and these are. Yet over the years, many studies, evaluations and reevaluations have. In cameroon, there are two main types of sedimentary basins, which belong to three active african petroleum systems, namely, niger delta, west african salt basins and southern and central africa rifts. Some aspects of the geology and stratigraphy of nigerian sedimentary basins. More than 50 complexes occur in nigeria obaje, 2009. Abstract the radiogenic heat produced from radioactive elements has been investigated in some parts of niger delta sedimentary basin. Anambra basin in the lower benue trough is a major coal producing basin in nigeria where intensive. Executive summary the dynamics of sedimentary basins the. Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips. The southern nigeria sedimentary basin includes the lagososse and the niger delta basins that are separated by the benin hinge line the okitipupa ridge.

The essential element of the concept is tectonic creation of relief, to. Geology and mineral resources of the lower benue trough. There are groundwater occurrences in both the sedimentary and basement complex areas, but in varying degrees of yield. The northwest southeastern trending bida basin forms one of the major inland sedimentary basins in nigeria. Pdf geochemical evaluation of the hydrocarbon prospects. Solid biomass resources available in the united states by county. Sedimentary rocks fill up the basins which are vast depressions between basement landmass. Indonesia is a large country with various type of sedimentary basins. The calabar flank is an epirogenic sedimentary basin in southeastern nigeria murat,1972. Basement geology in the sedimentary basins of nigeria. The mesozoic younger granite ring complexes of nigeria form part of a wider province of alkaline anorogenic magmatism extending from northern niger republic to south central nigeria. The sedimentary basins of prime hydrogeological significance in nigeria are discernible from the.

The basement precambrian in age is further subdivided into five regions on the basis of the occurrence of sedimentary basins. There are seven sedimentary basins in nigeria of which the niger delta basin is key, having a thickness of about 12 km in the depocenter short and stauble, 1967 and an area extent of approximately 75,000 km2 essentially in southern nigeria and the gulf of guinea, offshore nigeria. Igneous and metamorphic rocks constitute the pre cambrian basement complex which is the oldest, crystalline, solid physical foundation of the country. In the deepwater beyond the 200m isobath, the sedimentary area has been estimated to be about 1.

Earth systems history on ecampus sedimentary rocks intro origin of sedimentary rocks clastic rocks carbonate sedimentary rocks interpreting sedimentary rocks environment of deposition. The hydrogeological basins in nigeria are as defined in the geological map. Aapg datapages and the gis publications committee wish to thank robertson a cgg company for allowing the robertson sedimentary basins of the world map to be posted on datapages gis open files page, thereby making it available to the public as a free download. Pdf distribution of sedimentary formations in the bornu basin. Distribution of sedimentary formations in the bornu basin, nigeria article pdf available in shiyou kantan yu kaifapetroleum exploration and development 425. Linked together, such models would contribute to a new integrated understanding of sedimentary basins with broad implications for research across the geosciences, for identifying and extracting mineral and fossil fuel resources, and for preserving the quality of.

P4and itiowe k5 1,5department of geology, university of port harcourt, port harcourt, nigeria 2 dept. Sedimentary rocks and sedimentary basins reading stanley, s. It also includes the east flank of the volcanic and volcanosedimentary rocks of the jemez volcanic field. Africa covers a larger land area than the usa, europe, india and the asean nations put together. Diagenetic study of sandstone sediments in parts of anambra. The niger delta sedimentary basin of nigeria contains more than 12km of. Establishment of river basins development authorities. Groundwater, climate change and nigeria researchgate, the professional. Jul 09, 2009 contains details on the geological units of nigeria and the associated mineral resources.

Some well known sedimentary basins include the great artesian basin, the murray basin and the officer basin. Geological developments in the basin in terms of basin evolution and structural features have been discussed by many authors. Sedimentary basins in india india has 26 sedimentary basins covering an area of 3. Sedimentary basins are an important source of groundwater within australia. Sedimentary basins and petroleum geology of the middle east.

Radiogenic heat production from well logs in part of niger. Evaluation of the hydrocarbon potential of the inland basins of nigeria. The nigerian inland basins have not seen any drilling activities since. Sedimentology and depositional environments of the. Enugu shales consist mainly of carbonaceous shales and coals within the upper half. Jan 09, 2016 pdf sedimentary basins and petroleum geology of the middle east download full ebook. Preliminary catalog of the sedimentary basins of the. Groundwater also occurs in some areas within the basement complex but with comparatively lower yields from boreholes except in deeply weathered or fractured locations. Sedimentary succes sions in these basins are of middle mesozoic to recent age.

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