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Max load shown in the reloading data center with h4895 is 53. I am wondering if anyone has experimented with either of these powders in either of these calibers. Hornadys new superformance squeezes an extra 100 to 200 fps out of the. Hodgdons data sheets on their web site are now listing load data for the 3006 and superformance powder. The superformance powder that hodgdon sells is one particular burn rate that does well in some short magnum cartridges along with some others, which are listed in their load data and also in the latest editions of the hornady handbook of cartridge reloading. Why is there not any load data for superformance powder in. Does anyone have load data on hodgdon superformance for 3006. I am almost ready to buy a box of ammo and weigh the load to give me a guide of where to start. Alliant just recently sent me load data for rl7 and heavy bullets for my. By default this option is set to an empty string, which indicates the load operation will use the decimal character set as the users preference.

The shooter begins with this load, and may work up from there to obtain the desired velocity and accuracy for his reduced load. Then, i go over to the hodgdon site and see this new superperformance powder added to their loading data for only certain cartridges. Two 8400s in 270 and 300 wsm and a 84m varmint in 22250. View tests pdf superformance in gas operated firearms. Become a load data member, access over 315,071 load recipies is a powerful search engine that allows you to search an everexpanding database of loads. Discussion in handloading and reloading started by zgunner, dec 4, 2014. I was looking through the load data i had for 300wm and realized that i would probably have to buy some more h or retumbo to load for this round.

Hodgdon announces new upgraded hodgdon load data center. Superformance propellants are the heart of superformance ammunition and usher in a new era of performance. I have a can of superformance and so far i have only loaded 6. The powder available is not the same as used in all superformance ammo.

For each data load option, the following table lists the constant that identifies the option and the corresponding name property either the constant or the name can be passed to ihsvloadextractoptions. I had planned on picking some of this powder up but decided to pass as there is just a lack of data. I will be using seirra, hornady and nosler in my load development. All the loads are developed by the staff of handloader magazine and the archives of handloader and rifle magazines. Using tsql merge to load data warehouse dimensions purple. Need some load data for new 270 wsm and superformance powder. Also, any first hand experienceinsights with the powder and 3006 would be appreciated. As an example, the 300 wsm from a 24 barrel using max loading. Superformance ammunition is safely within saami pressure. I started about 5gn lower and worked up until started seeing pressure signs.

The table also describes each option and the type of information to be passed to ihsvloadextractoption. Indicates maximum load use with caution rifl e data 257 roberts improved 75g rainb ullets sectional density. Import documents stored online by clicking one of the cloud storage service icons. Thanks in part to its age, we have reams of great reloading data to compare with and use for different load ideas. Accurate and fast in my marlin 1895gs and ruger 7744. Is there any load data for this powder or is it not recommended. I am aware you can not exchange load data and lets dont go there. The problem with superformance powder and ammo is that somewhere, somehow, somebody told the world that superformance powder is the same powder used in hornady superformance ammo. Merging form data into a pdf, then allowing the user to edit and save it. This isnt going to help your quest for load data, but. I usually start just off published maximum with the barnes as it seems to like being driven hard. Superformance ammunition achieves 100 200 fps over saami standard in all calibers, all bullet weights and all bullet types. Can i buy the powder used in hornady superformance factory ammunition. Hybrid 100v this excellent new product is the result of combining the technologies of.

Duplicating the 223 hornady 75gr superformance the. Superformance delivers striking velocities in cartridges like the 22250 remington, 243 winchester and 300 winchester short magnum. Reloading data from three hodgdon, imr and winchester. After spending about an hour on the internet looking for these powders in stock, i decided to see if something i had. You must agree to the terms below before continuing. Targeted velocities are well in excess of 100 fps over the best published handloads and even larger gains over factory ammunition. Reloading 300 win mag with hornady 208gr amax and superformance powder.

Buyers and users assume all risk, responsibility and liability whatsoever for any and all injuries including death, losses or damages to persons or property including consequential damages, arising from the use of any product or data, whether or not occasioned by sellers negligence or based on strict liability or principles of indemnity or. You must be logged in to vote 0 you must be logged in to vote 4 years ago. Superformance has a burn rate slower than the 4831s. Hornadys superformance califragilisticexpialidocious. The published load data rates a max load velocity at around 3,450 fps which is a good deal faster than any other powder ive used. Call hodgdon powder company if additional information is needed, 93629455. According to hornady, the superformance line of ammunition uses ultraprogressive propellants to achieve velocities that are unattainable with conventional propellants. Actually i sold off 6 rifles and accumulated the funds to purchase these three you can go to craig boddingtons page on facebook and see what i gave up for these 3 rifles but it was worth it to me. Do any of you gentlemen have any starting load data for a. What you did was use existing data for similar cartirdges to extrapolate a load. Display pdf in uiwebview using loaddata stack overflow. Here is the only load data i found that was published by hodgdon, but it doesnt have any.

Just upload files you want to join together, reorder. Superformance ammunition is safely within saami pressure guidelines. Create fillable forms from scratch or pre designed, import and export data. Hornady recently announced its new line of superformance hunting ammo. Looking for data all the way up to 212gr edx rounds. Hodgdon superformance powder is another highperformance powder that handloaders now have at their disposal for creating fast and accurate loads for a number of cartridges. We put products on the bench, or take them to the range, and make our own assessments. We are a third party development shop, and one of our clients would like to use pdf forms in our database application in place of an older form application that they used to use. Two three shot groups measured under 12 at 100 yards, but i have not chronographed the load yet. Superformance powder load data modern sporting rifle. Hornadys emary shares superformance ammo secrets daily. Go to the hodgdon powder website and look up loads for.

This new bullet enables this load to produce trajectory and wind drift equaling that of a conventional 22250. My suggestion would be to make the effort to find some if youre happy with your load and stick with it as this is the first time i have ever heard of someone having trouble finding 2209, other powders like n560, imr7828 etc that will go well in your 6. Hodgdon basic reloading manual 2019 pdf lhs germany. I didnt have a chrono with me, but the superformance 75 gr was hitting around 10 higher at 500 yards than mine, so im guessing its moving a good 100 200 fps faster as advertised. A free and open source software to merge, split, rotate and extract pages from pdf. Hornady manufacturing company develops and publishes reloading data for the. Any load data in this article is for one particular rifle mine. Hornady superformance 7mm08 and a missouri whitetail. Superformance delivers striking velocities in cartridges like the 22250 remington, 243. By clicking the i agree button, i understandaccept and will agree to abide by the precautions and warnings outlined below. Hodgdon describes it as being a spherical powder that can provide velocities well in excess of 100 fps over the fastest published handloads.

Merge pdf, split pdf, compress pdf, office to pdf, pdf to jpg and more. Then using that same 270 win rifle, the superformance ammo gave an average of 3075 fps. The strange thing is that data has the correct length, in bytes, for the pdf i am trying to display, which means the file is being found and loaded correctly. Specifies the decimal character used in the load file. Using tsql merge to load data warehouse dimensions.

The idea of barrel capacity it more on 35 we had already considered that. I need load data for 6mm 95 and 100 grain bullets using superformance powder and 7mm 08 using 9 and 140 grain bullets. Indicates maximum load use with caution rifl e data 257 roberts improved 100g rainb ullets. We started out with load of 3006 in the 35 and stepped up to load of 35. Indicates maximum load use with caution rifl e data 257 roberts improved 100g rainb ullets sectional density. Even with a proven load of 4064 the cup is much less. Merging form data into a pdf, then allowing the user to. Which ios why you dont see any data for it specifically in. In most cases, the bullets hodgdon uses for these loads are not the same bullet hornady selected for the superformance load, but the ballistic coefficient bc and terminal performance of the bullet referenced by hodgdon are similar to that used in the comparable hornady superformance load. Hornadys superformance califragilisticexpialidocious real. All four types of superformance varmint ammo are loaded with polymertipped vmax bullets. Hornady load data with superformance ammunition load data. Santa was very good to me this year and brought me a trio of new kimber rifles.

I have been to the hodgdon web site and the hornady web wite but no reload data for the 260 yet. The latest in reloading, straight to your inbox keep uptodate on new products, trends and tips from the leader in reloading. Nov 24, 2009 november 24th, 2009 hornadys emary shares superformance ammo secrets. Thats why they dont list load data for every cartridge. Hornady load data with superformance ammunition load. Hodgdon superformance rifle powder northwest firearms. Superformance ammunition is loaded with hornady vmax, ntx, sst, gmx, and interlock, bullets for the ultimate in performance, no matter what the game. Hodgdon powder company and hornady have teamed together to answer the reloading question. I am looking to shoot 300 and 405 grain bullets in the 4570 and 240 to 300 grain in the 44 mag. Hodgdon superformance the firearms forum the buying. Nov 02, 2015 hodgdon announces new upgraded hodgdon load data center. It is way to slow for the 308, so you will never find tested data for the 308. I too am interested in results with the superformance powder vice others. Jun 19, 2015 reloading 300 win mag with hornady 208gr amax and superformance powder.

Need some load data for new 270 wsm and superformance. I would like to load 7mm08 243 and 6x45 with it but cant find much data. So i thought i would post my first results with the superformance and 208 amax out of my tikka t3 lite. Pdf joiner allows you to merge multiple pdf documents and images into a single pdf file, free of charge. Dec 12, 2011 the published load data rates a max load velocity at around 3,450 fps which is a good deal faster than any other powder ive used. I do not have any data but the burning rate is close to h4831. I called hornady to get starting loads and they were less than helpful and rather abbreviated in their response. What you did was use existing data for similar cartirdges to extrapolate a. Loaded with gmx solid bullets and sst jacketed bullets, the new ammo is faster than conventional hunting ammunition. This free and easy to use online tool allows to combine multiple pdf or images files into a single pdf document without having to install any software. What calibers can i hand load or reload with hodgdon.

I would like to load some 32g hornady vmax with hodgdon superformance. My goto match service rifle load currently uses varget to push a 69 gr smk 2870 fps. The following load data is from experimentation and is unsafe. On the hodgdon site, they are showing it at 3270 fps with 72. Yeah vince, i had the same thoughts and now the 3006 is my goto. Im trying to shrink some 200 yard groups, squeak a few more fps ot of a new barrel. Wait for your upload to complete, then click merge pdfs now. However, in my experience i have actually emailed powder manufacturers asking for load data so that i could use up some powders that i didnt use up for firearms i sold. This performance is achieved by revolutionary new, extremely efficient powders optimized for each load. I started out at 68gr and ended up at 71 12 gr with all 3 bullets touching. Hornady superformance 7mm08 and a missouri whitetail by randy wakeman recently, i reported on the outstanding accuracy of the hornady superformance 9 grain 7mm08 gmx cartridge, shooting. November 24th, 2009 hornadys emary shares superformance ammo secrets. My understanding is hodgdon will not publish any data for superformance that does not give at least 100 fps more than. I immagine i could start with a light 243 load and work up but didnt know if any one had tried it yet and knew if it was worth my time.

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