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Operators manual 1 3button finger switch handpiece 1 foot controlled handpiece 1 grounding plate 1 foot pedal 1 user manual 1 power cord 90 day warranty iec. Ellman international svd110 mckesson medicalsurgical. Ellman international surgitron ffpf emc community, manuals. Simply provide your telephone number and the best time to contact you, and well return your call or email the day it. Ellman surgitron dual rf iec ii esu electrosurgical unit includes. Surgitron dual rf s5 with ellman surgevac smoke evacuator model. Ellman surgitron service manual ellman surgitron ffpf surgitron 4. Dentists, physicians and veterinarians worldwide have relied on ellman international as the innovator and manufacturer of quality products since 1959.

Surgitron dual rf rf energy source the patented surgitron dual rf generator for those doctors wanting to perform advanced surgical procedures, but are not interested in wrinkle treatment. Once you feel comfortable with the basics, please feel free to schedule an appointment for your personalized consultation call us at 303. Surgitron dual rf surgitron dual rf120 iec high frequency low temperature rf energy source the physics of ellman radiowave technology cat. This ellman electrosurgical unit has been efficient, effective and proven one of the best esu\s in the world that. Welcome to ellman at ellman, we are committed to providing innovative products that serve the needs of our global customers in the aesthetic, surgical, dental and veterinary fields, and their patients. Cynosure ellman surgitron dual emc90 dual frequency. This system generates 90 watts of power and operates at 3. Our advanced radiofrequency rf products are used around the world for precision surgical and aesthetic procedures. Number 402 surgical diathermy ellman surgitron iec.

Ellman international surgitron dual rf120 community. Used ellman surgitron dual rf s5 electrosurgical unit um. Ellman international surgitron 120 iec surgitron 4. Ellman surgitron ffpf electrosurgical unit in good cosmetic and excellent working condition. Operating modes inspection waveform inspection and primary output. The surgitron dual emc 90 unit represents advanced radiofrequency technology that provides unparalleled. The surgitron emcvet surg has revolutionized veterinary surgery at an. Our newest innovation, the patented surgitron dual rf. The ellman surgitron ffpf emc cuts and coagulates soft tissue using monopolar energy. Grade 2 opened soiled packing or packinginstructions missing. The ellman surgitron ffpf emc electrosurgical unit comes with foot pedal and patient plate. Dim9251 instruction manual usa dim9252 instruction manual international note. This unit features a continuously linear power setting for precise, predictable control. Apr 22, 2011 used electrosurgical unit ellman international surgitron 4.

This will promote faster healing with minimal scarring and serves to eliminate unfavorable postoperative conditions such as trauma, swelling and infection. Service manual ellman international surgitron ffpf emc. The action is achieved by selection of the desired waveform and. Electrosurgical unit ellman international surgitron 4. Ellman international inc,dental electrosurgical unit. The system is primarily intended for outpatient use with applications in dermatology, gynaecology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, podiatry and ent. Solid state variable suction speed control with 9 settings filters microorganisms bigger than 0.

Jorvet electrosurgical unit jorgensen labsjorgensen labs. It has been functionally and electrically safety tested. This unit is a highfrequency radiosurgical device that is equipped with an audio tone that indicates when the device is activated. The clinic closed, but i have used ellman products for over 20 years and they are a great company with great products. Ellman surgitron handpiece electrodes easy to cleansize 116 this online shop is using cookies to give you the best shopping expierience. The tempsure rf platform is an expandable technology that provides practitioners with the ability to perform surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic applications in one convenient 300w, 4mhz frequency device. Ellman surgitron dual rf iec ii esu electrosurgical unit for sale. Used ellman surgitron dual rf s5 electrosurgical unit um zu. Ellman surgitron dual rf iec ii esu electrosurgical unit.

Ellman electro surgival unit service manual service. Digital control panel facilitates easy operation and a clear view of settings. Our advanced radiofrequency rf products are used around the world for. User manual ellman international surgitron dual rf120. Dual rf s5 and the pellevee s5 rf energy sources are the ully ellman energy sources compatible with glidesafe. Ellman surgitron ffpf emc electrosurgical unit is a high frequency radiosurgical device that is equipped with an audio.

Smoke evacuator surgevac ellman international svd110. The user manual states that the maximum resistance allowed by the patient. Ffpf esu unit indifferent plate 1 active handles bipolar converter fingerswitch adaptor set of 4 electrodes user manual. Used electrosurgical unit ellman international surgitron 4. Calibration instructions are available on request from ellman international. Thereby for example the session information or language setting are stored on your computer. Dear i would be grateful if you could email me service manual for surgitron ellman surgitron 4. H66 electrodeprotectorstand vcdpc5iec3 instructioncdrom iecjxb. Dual rfw s5 redefines your surgical results with two distinct frequencies 4. Surgitron vetsurg antenna plate ellman a cynosure company. Ellman international, inc medical device manufacturer. It is patient ready and in excellent working condition. Does not require skin contact eliminates contact jelly and adhesives and.

The ellman surgitron iec is a compact, microprocessorcontrolled, medium power, surgical diathermy with an earterenced rf output rated at 100w. Does not require skin contact eliminates contact jelly and adhesives and saves time promotes safety eliminates possibility of burns or shocks inexpensive autoclavable and reusable. You can find both the user manual and service manual listed under the documents tab on the product page. Used ellman surgitron ffpf emc electrosurgical unit for.

Do not copy or distribute without written authorization from ellman international, inc. Ellman surgitron dual rf iec ii esu electrosurgical unit is designed for clinic, hospital, surgery center and doctors office application both human and can be used for veterinary as well ellman surgitron dual rf iec ii esu electrosurgical unit provides cutting and coagulation. Sugitron radiolase with general use indication k992382 3. Dentosurg 90 ffp radiosurgical instrument ellman international inc dentosurg 90 ffp radiosurgical instrument is a highfrequency unit for surgical incisions that causes the least tissue damage, resulting in superior healing. Ellman surgitron handpiece electrodes eickemeyer veterinary. It is one the best esus in the world that operates at 4. Community forums for ellman international surgitron dual rf120 relating to user manual on medwrench. Ellman ffpf basic model not emc has footswitch, hand pencil, patient ground pad, lots of tips, user manual.

The most affordable unit available for todays veterinary surgeon. Ellman surgitron ffpf emc electrosurgical unit drs toy. Ellman surgitron ffpf electrosurgical specifications. The only true temperaturecontrolled radiofrequency probe for womens wellness.

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